Pub quiz fun against poverty with Intermon Oxfam!

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Pub quiz fun against poverty with Intermon Oxfam!

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23 de Febrero 2016

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At Kedaro International Academy we believe that learning is so much more than writing, reading, speaking and listening in a classroom. It is an exchange of ideas and a forming of bonds between people, and for this reason we organise regular events for students and teachers to come together outside of class. We have had football matches, nature walks, parties, paintballing and quizzes, and there is more to come…

On Saturday 5th March we are going a little deeper and holding a traditional British pub quiz at Babel bar in collaboration with Oxfam Intermón Huelva to raise awareness of this wonderful charity which is working tirelessly to end world poverty (poverty: not having enough money to pay for your basic needs).

The Oxfam Intermón shop in Huelva has a dedicated team of volunteers who organise sales of Fairtrade products both in the shop and around Huelva, and directly improve the lives of people living in poverty by giving them a fair price for their products. You can not only buy delicious food products, gorgeous skincare items and beautiful things for your home, but you choose to help people in need when you buy these things.

One of Oxfam’s key areas of work is education, which ’massively improves children’s chances of escaping poverty’, and with over 72 million children around the world still missing out on education, Oxfam could really benefit from some help. In Huelva we can all appreciate the huge value of education because many of our students at the academy are learning English in order to secure employment or to improve their work situation.

Learning English is extremely important for so many of our students and at Kedaro our objective is that the process of learning is enjoyable and fun. You can often hear loud laughter from outside the classrooms which then flows out into the corridors when class finishes, and this will continue at our British pub quiz event where teams will battle to answer rounds of questions to win a big prize!

The event starts at 12.00 on Saturday 5th March and will consist of rounds of questions in English and Spanish about various topics that could include British and Spanish culture, sports, history, science, music and other general knowledge. The questions will not be difficult and with your entry ticket you will receive a free drink (beer, tinto de verano, coffee) as well as tasty Fairtrade snacks for each team.

The lovely Oxfam Intermon volunteers with also be at the event with Fairtrade products for sale and ready to answer any questions that you have about Oxfam’s work around the world. Tickets are 30 euros for a team of 6 people and you can get these at the reception at Kedaro in Calle Vazquez Lopez.

This event will be a great chance for you to enjoy a spring March day in Huelva, having a drink with your classmates and teachers, and challenging yourselves to some fun questions. Let’s come together to challenge poverty and have a really good time!

We hope to see you and your team there!

Vicky Young


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